Sex Cells

by Voices In Vain

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Our single Sex Cells


Watch out, the tabloids are coming
Six packs and fake tits will keep the fear running
In this world of lies and incessant greed
A good disguise is all you'll ever need

Welcome to the united states
A place that's filled with hate
Forget what you know about love
Learn to discriminate
Based on race and sexuality
Generation brainwashed
The epitome of stupidity

Meanwhile legislators pass laws
While you were distracted
Operation population control has been enacted

Watch out there's an army of sheep
Roaming the streets
Pieces of meat
Who consume, while rats exploit and pigs destroy

Welcome to the united states
In the 21st century
Where the news is a fucking joke
But ya cannot look away

We are trapped in a cage bound for demise
There's no way out, no way back
Just put on a disguise

Put on your disguise and pretend you're happy

Give in to the...

Welcome to hell
Welcome to the rest of your life (your life)
Your life, is a lie
So sit down and submit to the trends
Welcome (welcome)
To hell (to hell)
Welcome to your cell
While they destroy
Cuz everybody knows sex sells


released August 12, 2016
Produced by: Julian Mazzola
Album Art: Dyllan Durham
Thanks to Dylan Frazier for the new Logos

Music Video:
Thanks for Filming*
Merrill Simpson
Ben Morris

Edited by Brian O'Neill



all rights reserved


Voices In Vain Lyndon, Vermont

Hard-hitting Experimental Metal/Hardcore from Northern Vermont

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